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Nea Clare
Spiritual Guide & Activator

Wow! You did it!

You found your way here, and I am so delighted!

We find our way to what it is we need, even when we aren’t sure what that is.

I am Nea Clare, and I am a Spiritual Guide and Activator, I make it easy for you to access and align to your Divine self. As a conscious channel I work with multi-dimensional frequencies called the PSC (short for Poly-synchronous Consciousness) as well as, many Ascended Masters and Archangels. We work together to provide clarity, connection and certainty to support your spiritual awakening. The collaborative work I do with Spirit, supports what is in your highest good. This includes easily clear beliefs, energetic and karmic blocks that keep you from raising your vibration.

I have come to believe that each one of us has access to everything we need to live the best life we can. When we refocus our attention on what is right with us, what is Divine in us – the big, beautiful, shining light inside of us begins to brighten even the darkest parts or our lives.

You are your possibility.
You are your purpose.

You may be thinking “that seems a little too simple, Nea.”   And I thought so too.  I spent most of my life feeling less than, empty and questioning my capability and value.   This showed up in how I treated myself, my body, my relationships and even how I showed up at work.  My life was filled with struggle, frustration and self-doubt.


But I was shown a new way to be in my life. 


And it began with learning that nothing outside of me, was going to be able to fix me.  I had to shift my attention from looking outward for the validation, affirmation and worthiness I craved, to looking inside.


And I found my Soul, had been waiting all along.


The more I’ve come to trust in the messages from my Soul, the more I have learned that  that I am powerful,  I am beautiful, I am clear – and if this is true for me, it must be true for you too.   It is my greatest joy to pay this forward, guiding others to know their Divine Self.

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When you are in alignment with your Divine Self, 

you can no longer be ruled by doubt, fear and worry.

Are you ready to start listening?

If you’ve read this far, I first want to thank you. It is my hope that we can build a relationship which will inspire you to follow the where you Soul is leading you.

You deserve to live in the confidence and clarity of knowing that you are your purpose, and it begins with listening to your Soul. Your soul speaks to you in what you long for, guiding you to what it is you desire.

Let’s explore this together.
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