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BLUE MOON Group Channeling Event

Let’s celebrate this beautiful BLUE MOON energy together.  We will enjoy a special meditation that will help you open and acclimate to this beautiful and expansive energy, as well as receive a beautiful and blessed message for each of you!  

This is a special Blue Moon (a blue moon occurs in a month where there are 2 Full Moons – the 2nd moon is consider the blue moon).  This lunar event may be extremely powerful and life-changing for many of us: the Moon is exactly conjunct Uranus, the planet of sudden awakenings, disruptions, and breaking down of paradigms.   We can expect of what is has already fulfilled its purpose, as well as willingness to step into new possibilities, new and unexpected pathways opening up and more.   We will focus on how to strengthen our willingness to remain OPEN.

We will be conducting this event ONLINE via Zoom meeting.


Nea Clare is a channel for Spirit and works predominantly with The HAO (Harmonic Alignment in Oneness) –  a collective, multi-dimensional force which shares verbal and energetic messages through her. The HAO teach, align and support our shifting consciousness in a polysynchronic manner (inviting alignment to trans-dimensional and intra-vibrational experiences). The HAO offers wisdom, information and guidance to support you in becoming resonant with your Divine nature.

These events include meditation, a channeled message through Nea Clare and an opportunity for Live Q & A to deepen your own understanding and connection to the teachings.

These events are designed for you to be able to have a personal audience with “the Oneness”, to receive teachings that will awaken your consciousness to the Truth of YOU. Nea Clare creates a sacred and inviting space, to ensure you receive what is in your highest good.

Everyone who attends will receive an audio recording from the event.


Nea Clare is a natural channel for Spirit, having channeled many of the Ascended Masters and Archangels for over 8 years, and began channeling The HAO in July of 2018. She is committed to sharing her God-given gifts with the world, that people may come to know their own Divine Nature. Nea Clare is a spiritual teacher and coach, she helps her clients step fully into creating a life they truly and deeply LOVE!


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