New Year’s Day Walking Meditation


Ready to Welcome 2021?


I am so delighted to share this mediation with you.  This was created in collaboration with one of my very favorite parks in the Twin Cities – Silverwood Park in St. Anthony, MN.

2021 is inviting us to come in with clarity, purpose and a willingness to be more present, more connected and more awake to who we are and our relationship to the world we live in.
It is my great hope that you will enjoy this walking mediation. This mediation can be used anytime and was created for Silverwood Park, part of Three Rivers Park District in St Anthony, MN.
Wishing everyone a very Merry New Year – a year of powerful choices, presence and delight in being of the world. Enjoy this practice today and every day.

What is a Walking Meditation?

A walking meditation is a form of mindfulness that invites all of the benefits of meditation – relaxation, stress reduction, focus, inner peace, and self awareness – while still completing an activity – in this case walking. Nea Clare is a Life Coach and meditation practitioner who has created this guided practice for you to enjoy.


Pick your starting place and direction, put in your earbuds/headphones and start the meditation.
May this practice bring you greater peace and enjoyment in your walk, and provide you with a fresh new look for this amazing New Year.

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