My Story

I am a full-conscious channel for Spirit.
This wasn’t always something I was willing to declare so boldly.

However, today I can fully share that this is fully a part of my life, and likely always has been, even if I was not fully awake to it. Let me share my story of waking up.

In early 2011, my changed unexpectedly and significantly. I had just turned 40, had a one year-old son, a loving husband, worked in corporate and overall life was pretty satisfactory. I was not looking for anything, but my soul had other plans.

I started going to a Chiropractor to treat my sore neck and back, a side effect from beign a new mom. While I was at an appointment, I noticed they offered Reiki appointments, and I had a strong urge to get a session. During our session, I was very relaxed and at ease…and as I was drifting off into a deeper state of relaxation, a voice boomed in my head saying, “You know this! You could do this! Remember…”

And two weeks later I was in my first Reiki class.

That same week, I had mentioned to a co-worker that I was looking for a nutritionist to help work through some dietary changes since having a baby. He referred me to a co-worker. We met and had an amazing conversation, about health, nutrition and life in general. At the end of our chat, she leaned in and very directly asked me, “Why are you not a life coach?” After stammering my answer, saying I had thought about it but it has always been about time and money (isn’t it always…) that I never really pursued it. I had wanted to be a Life Coach since I was 21 years old, a dream that went unpursued for nearly 20 years! “You should do it!”, she said. And then she shared that our company would pay for the certification, and it only takes a few hours per month. “You should do it!”, she said.

And three weeks later I was enrolled in Coach training and certification courses.

There is power in saying YES when opportunities arise. The doors were wide open and all there was left for me to do was walk through.

I jumped right into coaching and energy healing.. I loved it and so did my clients! Two years into my journey, I was given another unexpected opportunity: I started having dreams where I was being visited by angels asking me to channel for others. During my training as a Reiki practitioner, I became aware of my intuitive gifts, but also that at times I was speaking but it was not my words or thoughts, or even my own experience behind what I was saying. This was not a new feeling for me, I had experienced this kind of ‘blurting’ my own life, but not at this level of intensity or clarity before. Channeling was just too weird, and that was the last thing I wanted in my life. I was on track building my executive coaching business, and there was just no room for all of this Spiritual stuff.

But I tried it. I gathered a group of friends, in hopes that they would dissuade me from pursuing this ‘calling’. So I channeled for them. It was easy. It was natural. And their experience was profound. The looks on their faces when I returned to consciousness made me realize that this is a gift to be shared. So, again, I said YES.

The last 7 years I have channeled for groups and given channeled readings and it has been a truly delightful experience for me, and for those I have served. When I started, I didn’t know what I was doing, there was no book of rules for channeling. So I learned as I did, making adjustments along the way. I still don’t know how I channel, only that I can do it and that it comes as easily as breathing for me, and for this, I am deeply grateful.

I have had the great pleasure of channeling many of the Archangels and Ascended Masters. This last year, I have experienced an energetic shift in my channeling. No longer am a channeling a specific WHO, instead I am channeling a WHAT – The Poly-synchronous Consciousness (PSC), which is a multi-dimensional, multi-synchronous energetic frequency, which is expressed/shared in ways that are both conscious and subconscious, visible and invisible, atomic and subatomic, present, past and future simultaneously. The PSC is a collective connecting substance which is both of us and of Source energy. And I am being shown how to share this in this 3rd Dimensional reality.

Although I began reluctantly, I have found that this work has been transformative for me and my personal sense of peace, ease and comfort in the world. As I work with Spirit for my clients, I too receive the blessings and teachings which has allowed me to be even more present and authentic with my clients. I have discovered who I am and to honor my own experience as Divine in itself. When I remain focused on being of service, and listening to my inner wisdom, everything has continued to unfold perfectly. My clients have found the teachings and messages to be a source of insight that has made for significant shifts in their thoughts, beliefs and actions. This work is in it’s very nature transformative.

These last years, my path continues to unfold in new, unexpected and delightful ways and our lives have expanded for all of this good. I have learned that the best way forward it is to continue to respond to each new opportunity with the energy of YES! I have stopped managing my life by what I think I can handle, and instead learned that everything that shows up for me is something I am ready for (even if I don’t feel it, yet).

Life is not always easy. There are always conditions that appear to block our way and obligations that seem to overshadow our dreams. What I am passionate about is sharing my experience, teaching practical and useful techniques and tools that help get you into alignment with your Soul, and creating new thinking and behaviors that align with the person and the life you want to create!

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