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Light Breathing Workshop 1: Your Open Channel

Have you been experiencing greater connection to Spirit? Do you experiences messages, insights, visions, or just know things that are beyond your own experience? Your Open Channel Workshop will help you to safely explore how to work with your own unique gifts and Spiritual connections. Much of this workshop will be channeled guidance and information from The Harmonic Alignment in Oneness (HAO) as channeled by Nea Clare.

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Image of Big Magic Book, a cup of tea, a journal, a pen, eyeglasses and a vase of pink peonies.

Book Study: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Join Nea Clare as she facilitates Spiritual lessons using the book “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert (Author “Eat ,Pray, Love”) as a guide. You will receive reflection questions, meditation and participate in weekly discussions to deepen your personal experience with the materials.

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Girl on Holiday Morning
Spiritual Living

Own Your Holiday Experience

The holidays are filled with lots of merriment, fun and well,…expectations.  It can be a real challenge to stay positive and optimistic when there are so many people we are trying to please.  For the last several years, I have found that taking a few

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Spiritual Living

5 Truths to Help You At Your Edge

Here you are, standing on the edge… again.   You are looking over to gauge how far the drop will be, attempting to measure just how bad the damage will be if you fall to your demise.  If you could only know…will you fall or

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